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Why Russians hold the Victory Day Parade every year

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Smart Moscow:

How technology transforms urban living

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St. Petersburg’s 3 oldest hotels

and their famous guests

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Russia to legalize bitcoins

and other cryptocurrencies in 2018

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Do Russians really drink as much as people think they do?

April 19, 2017 OLEG YEGOROV, RBTH

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Narrow window to enter Moscow’s hidden mansions

Visitors have a month to access the secrets of Russian capital's old manors.

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“Armenian Impressionism. From Moscow to Paris” exhibition.

From the 25th of March till the 4th of June 2017

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Happiness on Canvas: Serebryakova at the Tretyakov

Apr. 05 to Jul. 30

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The exhibition of Italian painter Matteo Boato in Moscow.

The exhibition of Italian painter Matteo Boato will be held in Moscow during April 22 till May 5 in a workshop LEGA.

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Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center

Moscow's second exhibition of avant-garde art from regional museums highlights work by unknown artists. March 30th to May 28th 2017

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